Colette Hebert is a Music Educator, Choirmaster, Organist, Presenter, Composer and Arts Advocate. She has served as a choir director, band director, vocal and piano instructor and drum circle facilitator. She is the Choirmaster and Organist at All Saints Church in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Colette has worked on grants bringing in up to a half million dollars to develop Music Departments. She has led international choir festivals in Austria, Germany, Australia, Hawaii and in New York City. She has presented at state and national level conferences on Arts Advocacy including the Fiscal Policy Institute of New York State, WorldStrides, DC MEA and NAfME. She has presented in front of Senate members on “Why Music? Why We Need Music Education in Our Schools.” She regularly contributes to a number of publications and her work has been featured in USA Today, AFT Voices, International Musician, Making Music magazine, and Teach and Travel magazine. Her first published book, “30 Countries in 30 Years,” is available at Barnes & Noble. She has taught English and Music in Tanzania, Turkey, Thailand and Nepal and is the Founder and President of The DAR Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Tanzania, East Africa that funds music programming and education for orphans. Her second published book is Ms. Hebert’s World Songbook, which includes 21 original songs in 21 languages, a music curriculum that covers Kindergarten through 4th grade, 21 lesson plans and Virtual Learning and Diversified Instruction Strategies to use in the General Music setting.             

Colette is available for grant writing assistance, Arts Advocacy presentations and teacher trainings on “Why Music and the Arts: Why Our Students Need Music in Their Schools and Its Benefits.”